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Surprisingly not many people know that you can use muscle testing (kinesiology) with animals to help determine the causes of illnesses and behavior problems. Muscle testing can also help you know if you are feeding your dog, cat, horse, yourself or your children the right food, supplements, homeopathics, minerals and vitamins.

It can also be useful in finding answers about past life experiences, gauging the individual's preferences (especially important when they can't tell you verbally), their likes and dislikes, and a host of other applications.

Muscle testing became popular in the 1960's with the work of Dr. George Goodheart. He pioneered what is now called "Applied Kinesiology". Dr. Goodheart found that the body would reveal a response to benign stimuli in the form of stronger or weak muscles. In traditional settings, a muscle testing practitioner often uses their patients extended arm to ask the body for a yes or no answer. That is of course, a simplistic look at this powerful diagnostic skill.

Like those who practice The BodyTalk™ System of healing, practitioners who are good at muscle testing are able to ask the body's Innate Wisdom many questions. With the remarkable and time proven approach of surrogate testing, small children and animals can be tested.

Great reasons to muscle test a horse, dog or cat:

* Uncover food allergies

* Discover past life experiences that may be impacting their life today

* Get to the root cause of a current illness

* Determine the need for specific Bach Flowers or other helpful healing Essences

* Discover whether a medication is working, or making things worse

* Uncover past life connections so they can be healed and resolved

* Open the lines of communication so your horse, dog or cat can tell you things

As a diagnostic tool, muscle testing is an invaluable and easily applied means for an experienced practitioner to get fast answers to critically important questions.

A prime example of the power of muscle testing was when my assistant used the technique to test for past life experiences between herself and her grandson. Her grandson had a terrible temper, which was very difficult to tolerate or deal with.

Muscle testing helped her discover that she and her 3 year old grandson had an unpleasant past life together. She was able to resolve this memory during her session, and disengage from the drama of her grandson's temper.

Because she was able to disengage from the drama, she saw that his temper was often a by-product of his ADHD syndrome. She was then able to find a holistic way to resolve his problems and today he is a much more even-tempered child and a true joy to be around.

The same principle can be applied to horses, dogs or cats who misbehave or are acting out. Often times dogs and cats are acting out from a past life drama, or you are reacting to your animal friend from a past life drama.

Whether the root cause of an illness or behavior problem is incorrect food, negative effects from their environment, mismanagement, unresolved past life issues, traumatic emotional experiences or other heretofore unknown causes, muscle testing can be used to discover the source of problems. That allows a more effective treatment plan to be created and implemented.

Avoid all the expensive guesswork and trial and error. Just ask the being's BodyMind for help. You'll be glad you did.



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